Thursday, November 20, 2008

Remaining Schedule

Friday: no class because Dr. Nobis has to go to the Mississippi Philosophical Association meeting.

You were given a paper assignment yesterday, so please start work on that.

Readings by Pascal on "Pascal's Wager" and reply by Blackburn. Both in Cahn. Since some of Pinn's arguments were "pragmatic" arguments, they are somewhat similar to Pacal's.

No class due to Thanksgiving.

Monday and Wednesday:
I'd like us to talk about some articles about hell, i.e., the question of whether an all-knowing, all-powerful, all good being could send anyone to Hell, as traditionally understood. I'll post these online and/or give you photocopies.

We might also talk about a short article from Cahn that presents this argument:

1. If God exists and it is important that people believe that God exists, then nearly everyone would firmly believe that there is a God.
2. But not nearly everyone firmly believes there is a God.
3. So probably either God does not exist or it's not important that people believe that God exists.

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