Saturday, March 19, 2011

Monday we are moving onto the Pinn book. I will discuss the preface and introduction. There is a detailed writing assignment on the Howard-Snyder article due Monday.

Wednesday we will move on to student presentations. Here is the current schedule:

“Why Lord Why?” Book Presentation
MWF 10am
Wednesday 3.23.11
Chp 1. Early Spirituals
1. Kristen
2. Joseph
3. Junior
Friday 3.25.11
Chp 2. 19th Century Black Thought
1. Kyle
2. Adam
3.Mark Miller
Monday 3.28.11
Chp 3. Black Suffering in The 20th Century
1. Chavis
Wednesday 3.30.11
Chp 4. Alternative Theological Views
1. Joshua
2. Mr. Z
3. Reginald Sharpe
Friday 4.1.11
Chp 5. Blues Rap etc..
1. “The Trinity”
2. “The Trinity”
3. “The Trinity”
Monday 4.4.11
Chp 6. Black Humanism and Black Religion

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