Monday, August 27, 2012

NOTES from Monday
Religion =
Religious =

Philosophy =  
                Epistemology = knowledge? What is a reasonable belief?
                Metaphysics = what exists? What is real?
                Value theory: what is good? What makes actions moral and immoral?
Philosophical =
Philosophy of religion = the philosophical examination of religion  = the philosophical examination of religious beliefs and practices
-          Religions and ethics:  if a religion (GOD!!) says that X is wrong, what should we think?
-          Does God (GodS) exist? HOW do you know? Is belief in God reasonable?
o   Does a Holy Spirit exist? Holy spirit =
-          Prayer: is belief that prayer will do something good reasonable?
-          Moral evaluation of various religious practices.
o   Some adherents of some religions do bad stuff. T
o   Therefore, those religions are not true or are irrational for all to believe. Does not follow.
-          Do miracles exist?
-          Different conceptions of God(s)?

What do you mean?
Why think that?

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