Monday, February 17, 2014


1. Ch. 4, "The Natural Order," is now due by this Wednesday, 2/19 by 11 AM.

2. Harvard writing book; first section 0-56;due on the Monday, the 24th by 11 AM.

3. New assignment, now due by Friday February 21 by 11 AM.

This might partially overlap with and build on your previous writings about Ch. 3, 4, as well as Ch. 2. 

Your assignment is to clearly and accurately explain one of the arguments for God's existence discussed in these chapters, in a manner so that someone who was not familiar with these arguments would understand. You must also explain at least two objections and whether you think the argument is sound or not. 

Your writing must have these section in the paper; these sections must explicitly be in the paper

A Title (Give your paper an informative title)

I. Introduction
Use these exact words: In this paper, I will discuss the argument for God's existence known as _(give the name of the argument). I will first state the argument and explain each premise. I will then explain at least two objections to the argument. In my conclusion I will explain whether whether I think the argument is sound or not, which will involve explaining whether these objections are strong or not.   

II. The Argument

(fill in this section)

III. Objections to the Argument

(fill in this section)

IV. Conclusion

(fill in this section)

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