Monday, April 28, 2014

Final paper assignment, again

Final paper:

Due at time of final exam, which is Monday, May 5 at 1-3 PM. Please come prepared to briefly present your paper to the class.

Due by Turnitin also. (No Turnitin = no grade).

Present and explain at least two of the main arguments from Craig and Sinnott-Armstrong and their responses to each other's arguments. THESE MAIN ARGUMENTS SHOULD ALL BE DIFFERENT ARGUMENTS: SO, TWO ARGUMENTS FROM ONE THINKER AND TWO DIFFERENT ARGUMENTS FROM THE OTHER THINKER. NO ARGUMENT SHOULD BE THE SAME. (So, e.g., present and explain at least two of Craig's main arguments and Sinnott-Armstrong's response to those exact arguments, and vice versa). Explain who makes a better case for his overal conclusion(s) and why.

Your paper should have a clear and straightforward introduction.
It should have clearly marked sections.
It should have a proper conclusion, that summarizes what you did in the paper.
It should be written, as Pryor says, for an audience who knows nothing about these topics.

Your paper should conform to all the guidance on writing, and writing philosophy, you've been given in this course.

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