Monday, April 16, 2007

Schedule until the last day of class

Schedule until the last day of class

This Wed.:

re-read Clark, "Without Evidence or Argument" (Clark, p. 191)
Stair's pp. 177-182. I forgot to mention this... it's easy to read though.
Stair's Chapter on Reformed Epistemology. Ch. 7
Quinn, "On Finding the Foundations of Theism" (Clark p. 198)

Friday: Pascal's Wager: in Clark, p. 179-183.
Stairs, p. 182- 188.

Paper topic and plan due. Talk to me about ideas! An argumentative paper; approx 3000 words. You will need to find an article or chapter not from our books but mentioned in the, e.g., “For Further Reading” or references, and write a critical response to the paper. Or you can do something else. Whatever you do, however, your plan needs to be guided and approved by Professor Nobis.

I will soon post some possible "target" papers for you to critically evaluate.

Next Monday: (April 23)
articles on Hell in Clark by Davis and Adams.

Next Wed. (April 25)
Does God Suffer? and Prayer. Readings from Wolterstorff (and Erieugena) and Stump (and Aquines)

Next Friday and beyond (April 27th):
Religious Diversity. Stairs Chapter. Hick and vanInwagen in Clark. Perhaps “
Reasonable Religious Disagreements” by Richard Feldman

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