Monday, October 6, 2008

Exam, this week, next week

As mentioned in class, we should have an exam. And it should be Friday Oct 17 in class.
I will post a study guide with questions later tonight, but the topics are everything we have covered which includes basic concepts of arguments, questions and puzzles about the concept of God and divine attributes, and the 3 main arguments for God's existence.

For Wednesday we discuss Hume's objections to the design argument. The reading is long and challenging! OPS writing assignment due.

For Friday October 10, 10-10:50am we will meet at Hope Hall -- between Tech Towers -- Room 209 for a guest lecture from Dr. Larry Blumer. He will discuss the theory of evolution. BE THERE AND BE THERE ON TIME!

For next Monday and Wednesday we will discuss the versions of the ontological argument. Readings in Cahn. More details soon.

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