Sunday, October 5, 2008

Monday, Wednesday

For Monday, Paley on the design / teleological argument in Cahn. OPS due.

For Wednesday, Hume on the design argument / teleological in Cahn. Note: this selection is long and a bit more challenging. Need to read ahead and re-read!

For Friday, we should have a guest speaker from the biology department who will give an overview of evolutionary theory. Here is some of what he's been asked to address:
  • Briefly, what's a theory? What's a scientific theory?
  • What data, phenomena or observations does the (or a) theory of evolution attempt to explain?
  • What are competing theories or hypotheses that attempt to explain this data or phenomena?
  • What's the (or a) evolutionary theory? How does it explain?
  • Is there anything that evolutionary theory has a difficult time explaining?
  • Should we accept evolutionary theory? Why is it better than rivals? How does one decide these things?
  • Any comments on confusions and misunderstandings behind the common claim, "Evolution is a theory, not a fact" would be appreciated.

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