Wednesday, September 26, 2012

For Monday,

For next Monday, Oct.1, a detailed summary OR OUTLINE of the next two chapters of Vaughn, 4 and 5 are due in class and via Turnitin. If you did not do a detailed summary OR OUTLINE  of Chapter 3, I encourage you to revisit that.

Also, more importantly, another short paper:

You have written a paper on Harris where you present three of his main claims and some of the reasons he gives in his favor.

Now, your task is to do some online research and
  • find discussions of Harris (check Google, Google scholar and other sources);
  • find discussion of at least one of the claims that you discuss in your paper;
  • find critical discussion of at least one of these claims, that is, arguments that Harris's claim is false and/or that Harris's argument(s) for that claim are unsound (see Vaughn for what that term means) or otherwise bad arguments.This critical discussion must include reasons given in favor of this objection. So, you are looking for a developed, well-reasoned, defended objection to Harris: not a mere assertion. 
Then you should write up a paper where you state Harris's claim or argument and then explain whatever objection to that claim or argument that you find.

You do not yet have to explain whether this objection is a good one or not.

Your writing should be clear, well organized, and simple. It should be easy to follow.  It should conform to all the guidance from Vaughn.

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