Friday, September 14, 2012

Some new assignments:

This Monday (9/17), your "intellectual notes" on Harris's book are due.

Wednesday we will discuss  chapter 1 of A Thinker's Guide to Philosophy of Religion on Concepts of God. Please read that chapter and the Introduction.

For Friday (9/21), please write a short paper that summarizes three of the main claims that Harris makes in his book, as well as the reasons he gives in favor of those claims. Your paper should have an introduction that tells the reader what you will do in the paper. Your purpose here it to accurately state and explain some of Harris's views and his arguments in favor of those views. There should be no evaluation or criticisms of his views or arguments in this paper; that will be the next step.

I would like 3 students to volunteer to get me their papers by 9 AM that day so I can get them photocopied for us to read, discuss and make suggestions for improvement in class that day.

For the next Monday (9/24), please read Vaughn Chapters. 1 -3 (1-2 have already been assigned) and write a detailed summary of the chapters. Submit these via and in hardcopy.

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