Friday, November 16, 2012

Remaining assignments:

1. Small group project on theodicy, due Wednesday after Thanksgiving, the last day of class. Assignment below.

2. Final exam on various arguments for and against God's existence and related issues. Can you explain the basics of the cosmological argument(s), teleological / design argument(s), arguments from religious experience, argument from evil and so forth, and the main objections to these arguments? More details forthcoming. Day and time TBA: schedule hasn't been provided yet.

3. Final paper. I want you to find an argumentative essay on a topic in philosophy of religion and write a paper about it, to show that you are able to state an argument or explain an argumentative discussion, evaluate that argument and follow all the guidance about writing found in Vaughn and Pryor. I will provide many options for this, including:

 Many more options will be posted soon!!:) 

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