Tuesday, November 6, 2012

We are going to revert to the policy on the syllabus: ATTENDANCE WILL BE TAKEN AT THE BEGINNING OF THE CLASS FROM HERE ON OUT. ANY LATE STUDENTS WILL LOSE POINTS FROM THEIR FINAL GRADE. We are having some guest speakers and so it is especially important that students be on time.

For Wednesday, please read and re-read the chapters on religious experiences and miracles.

For Friday, please read the chapter on the argument from evil or problem of evil. We will also read this parable, "The Tale of the 12 Officers":

For Monday, your paper revision/rewrite on Harris is due.

Monday, we have a guest speaker, Mandisa Lateefah Thomas, from the Black Nonbelievers of Atlanta: http://blacknonbelievers.wordpress.com/ 
To prepare for that, please listen to this BBC (British Broadcasting Service) story on "Atheists in Black America":

Next Friday, the librarian will come to class to talk about research in philosophy and philosophy of religion. Be thinking about a final paper topic!

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