Monday, October 29, 2012

Optional revision or rewrite of Harris paper due in less than two weeks: next Friday (November 9), both online via Turnitin and in hardcopy in class.

Recall that the assignment, simply put, is this: explain three of Harris's main claims or arguments, raise at least one objection to those claims or arguments and evaluate that objection. Your paper, of course, should be well organized and clearly written. It should be such that you could submit it as a writing sample. You should follow all the advice from Vaughn, Pryor and from class.

You are encouraged to visit the writing center(s) and meet with Dr. Nobis. Here are some tips below.

To improve your writing, make a Youtube video (or Vimeo, which allows for password protection), or an MP3, of yourself reading your paper out loud! Then listen/watch critically: does what you say make sense? Are you easy to follow? Is your paper / presentation well organized? Then revise and rewrite accordingly!

Another tip: erase the first paragraph, copy the last paragraph, paste it at the beginning of the paper, and rewrite it so it's the introduction. Does that improve the paper?

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