Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Turnitin slot open; Wednesay's assignment; Friday's quiz


For Monday, Oct. 8.: detailed summary or outline of Vaughn, Chs. 6,7 & 8. Due in class in hardcopy and via Turnitin. [There is now a Turnitin slot for this assignment; sorry for it being late!]

Wednesday: Cosmological arguments: chapter from Stairs.

Friday, Oct. 12: QUIZ, in class; on Stairs Ch 1 (Concepts of God), 10 (God and Morality) and 3 (Cosmological Arguments), and concepts related to arguments (e.g., logical validity, soundness) from Vaughn. Note: Harris discussed a version of the cosmological argument [on pp. 72-73].

Monday, Oct. 15: PAPER due.

In this paper you should present three of the main claims or arguments from Harris, explain at least one objection to his arguments found in some online source, and explain whether that objection is a strong objection or not, as well as explain - in your own view -- whether the other arguments from Harris are sound or not. Your paper should conform to all the guidance from Vaughn, and you must submit your previous parts of this paper with your final version. Note: obviously, you have done much of the work for this paper: now you must revise that work and expand on it.

More details forthcoming!

Today's video: Friday and Monday we will discuss Stairs Ch. 10, so please have read it all very carefully:

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