Friday, October 12, 2012

Philosophy of Religion Paper on Harris Evaluation sheet; 20 points; due Monday, in class, Oct 14, in hardcopy and via 


Recall the assignment:
“In this paper you should present three of the main claims or arguments from Harris, explain at least one objection to his arguments found in some online source, [changed, see below] and explain whether that objection is a strong objection or not, as well as explain - in your own view -- whether the other arguments from Harris are sound or not. Your paper should conform to all the guidance from Vaughn, and you must submit [a paragraph of reflection on how your paper has changed over the various drafts]. Note: obviously, you have done much of the work for this paper: now you must revise that work and expand on it.” “While I asked you to find some criticism(s) of Harris's claims, this perhaps was too ambitious at this time, and we will revisit this after we have met with the librarian. So, the assignment is now to write an essay where you clearly present and explain three of Harris's main claims or arguments in his Letter to a Christian Nation and you then explain whether at least one of those claims are true or his argument(s) sound or unsound. While you can use an outside source (as you were asked to find in an earlier assignment), you are not required to do so.”

Yes – No – Other
1.       Is there an introduction that conforms to Vaughn’s/Pryor’s guidance?

2.       Are three distinct main claims or arguments discussed?

3.       Are these three claims or arguments well explained? (Would Harris agree that you have accurately stated his claims or arguments and why he accepts them?)

4.       Is an objection to or an argument against at least one of the developed claims or arguments presented and adequately developed?

5.       Is this objection evaluated, i.e., do you explain whether the objection is a good one? (Do you think about how Harris would respond to the objection?)

6.       Is the paper well organized? Could it be outlined to display its structure?

7.       Are the sentences grammatical? Are all words spelled correctly?  Are all sentences punctuated correctly?

8.       Is the writing clear and straightforward, with short sentences and ordinary, common words?

9.       Would someone unfamiliar with Harris, or philosophy of religion, be able to read (or listen to) your paper and understand it?

10.    Is a proper citation method used?

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