Friday, January 17, 2014

Beginning Assignments

Today's King Celebration events at Morehouse.

Today's writing assignment:
There are many different religions in the world, and many people have, or claim to have, no religions beliefs. Which religions beliefs, if any, should you accept? Why?  
Related questions: 
  • what makes a belief a 'religious' belief, as opposed to different kinds of beliefs, like 'scientific' beliefs or 'moral beliefs' or 'life principles' and so on? 
  • What 'should' people belief in general? Are there any good principles to guide what we should and should not believe?
  •  What about other people? What should they believe? 

Please write an answer to this question, at least a half page, if not a lot longer. If you wish to say more, you can also discuss some potential answers to these questions that are different from your answers: what would others say? How would you respond to them.
Reading and discussion: A Right to Be Wrong.

Current assignments:

  • Sign up for the Google Group and get a account (details on the syllabus): all work must be submitted through Turnitin. This semester we are going to try doing everything electronically and so not having work in hardcopy. This is a change from the syllabus. 
  • Get the books. 
  • Start reading the Rulebook for Arguments, the first sections and the chapter on deductive arguments, as well as the Dialogue book. Take a look at the other books too. 

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