Friday, January 24, 2014

Writing Assignment for Monday

Please write an essay that addresses these personal and philosophical questions, in any order. You may wish to re-order your responses to create a different organization than that suggested by the order below:

- What are your religious beliefs? (What are religious beliefs, or what what makes a belief a 'religious' belief, as opposed to a different kind of belief?)
- When is a belief reasonable, or rational, or justified or, perhaps, knowledge?
- Should religious beliefs be reasonable, or rational, or justified? Or do the standards about reasonable, or rational, or justified belief not apply to religious beliefs?
- Are your religious beliefs reasonable, or rational, or justified or, perhaps, knowledge? Why?

Due Monday, submitted by Turnitin.

Monday we will also discuss some concepts from logic. Please read in the the Rulebook for Arguments, the preface, the Introduction, chapter I on "short arguments," the chapter on "deductive arguments", and the the chapters on arguments about causes and arguments from analogy.

Read Guidelines on Reading Philosophy by Jim Pryor.

Read Philosophical Terms and Methods


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