Friday, January 26, 2007

Cosmological Arguments

You need to have read the assigned selections from A Rulebook for Arguments and Ch. 1 of STAIRS. If you haven't done so, do it! Remember, you'll need to read everything at least 3 times, take notes, underline & highlight, etc.

For Monday, we will start discussing cosmological arguments and our main goal will be to discuss:
CLARK CH. 1 -- the Aquinas selection and
STAIRS pp. 57-60, which is commentary and discussion of Aquinas.

The questions at the end of the Aquinas chapter are due on Friday.

For next Wednesday, we will discuss the Clark Ch. 2 Leibniz and Ch. 3 Mackie selections. The questions are due that day also.

For next Friday., from Clark: Ch. 4 by William Craig Lane and the rest of Stair's Chapter 3 on cosmological arguments. The questions are due that day also.

Here's another source on divine attributes:

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