Monday, January 22, 2007


For Wed., we need to (a) finish talking about the traditional, classical concept of God, (b) talk about logic and (c) read and discuss "A Right to be Wrong," by Allen Stairs.

Although some readings on the cosmological argument have been assigned (Ch. 1 and 2 of Clark, by Aquinas and Leibniz), I don't think we will get to them until Friday.

A complete reading calendar will be available soon. Here's a start of the order of readings for a while:

STAIRS & BERNARD: A Thinker's Guide to the Philosophy of Religion, Stairs and Bernard

CLARK: Readings in the Philosophy of Religion, Edited by Kelly James Clark

Rough order of readings:

STAIRS & BERNARD 1. Concepts of God

Part One

STAIRS & BERNARD 3. The Cosmological Argument

CLARK: Chapter 1. The Cosmological Argument

  1. Thomas Aquinas, “The Five Ways
  2. Gottfried Willhelm Leibniz, “On the Ultimate Origination of Things”
  3. J.L. Mackie, “Cosmological Arguments”
  4. William Lane Craig, “The Kalaam Version of the Cosmological Argument”

STAIRS & BERNARD 2. The Design Argument

CLARK: Chapter 2. The Argument from Design

  1. William Paley, “The Watch and the Watchmaker”
  2. David Hume, “Critique of the Argument from Design”
  3. Richard Dawkins, “The Blind Watchmaker”
  4. Michael Denton, “The Puzzle of Perfection”
  5. Robin Collins, “The Fine-Tuning Argument”

STAIRS & BERNARD 4. The Ontological Argument

(Anselm and/or Descartes reading distributed in class)

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