Monday, January 29, 2007

For Wednesday,

Finish Aquinas, way 3 and 4. Re-read the selection! (This stuff is hard, so we really need to study it!)
STAIRS pp. 57-60, which is commentary and discussion of Aquinas.
(I believe Emerson is going to develop a 'souped-up' version of Way 2).

We will discuss -- and finish -- the Clark Ch. 2 Leibniz and Ch. 3 Mackie selections. The questions on Aquinas, Leibniz and Mackie are due Wed.

For Friday., from Clark: Ch. 4 by William Craig Lane and the rest of Stair's Chapter 3 on cosmological arguments. The questions are due that day also.

Next week: Articles from Clark on the Argument from Design & Stairs Ch. 2.

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