Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Assignment: please make a list of the various tensions and possible inconsistencies among the various divine attributes discussed in Ch. 1. 

God =
S is God if, and only if:
1.        S is necessarily omnipotent = all powerful =
2.        S is necessarily  omniscient = “in all possible worlds’
3.        S is necessarily  omnibenevolent =
4.        S is omnipresent [?] = ?
5.        S exists necessarily.
6.        S eternal and/or everlasting = either ‘outside of time’ but always existing OR in time but has always existed… (HMM?)
7.        Unchanging = his character or essential or core attributes does not or would not change, 
8.        S has “free will”
9.        S is supernatural / outside of the natural laws 
10.   S is immaterial, not a physical being, a spiritual being
11.   S is a person. = beings with personalities; conscious, feelings, rationality, emotions, etc.
a.S is a person if and only if…
                                        i.    “essential properties”… “accidental properties”…..

If God exists, then God is not a person because…

1.        Miracles happen. ?
2.        If miracles happen, then God exists.
3.        Therefore God exists.

4.        People have ‘religious experiences.’\

a.Feelings of ecstasy, it seeming like God is speaking to you, etc. 

5.        If people have religious experiences, then God exists.

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