Monday, March 31, 2014

Believing on the basis of:
-     “Epistemic / epistemological reasons”:
o  reasons and evidence that support thinking that some belief is true:
§  sensory experience: a posteriori evidence; empirical
§  thinking; reasoning; reflection: a priori evidence
§  memory;
§  scientific evidence: statistical information.
§  Recognizing a tradition.
-     On the basis of more or less nothing! 
o  “No clue.”
o  “Just because!” “Just cuz!”
o  #NewMATH
-     “Pragmatic or prudential reasons”: Whether a belief is useful or not, pragmatic or not.
Pascal’s Wager:

God exists

God does not exist
Believe in God

Infinite reward! J
Wasted some time ( some negatives );
Perhaps your life will be better in some ways though.. Mixed bag, but not infinite either way
Not believe in God
Eternal punishment! L
Another mixed bag..

-     On the basis of faith.  
-     Believing because of various causes:
o  Brain injury or disease.
o  Wish fulfillment or wishful thinking… hope… [pragmatic?]
o  “brainwashing”..
o  Drugs / drunk / hypnotized
o  Love?
o  Hormones..

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