Monday, March 3, 2014

Assignments for after the Break

Due Friday after the break, March 21: please read the interviews with Plantinga and Antony from the NY Times. Write a well organized essay, with explicitly stated sections, where you:

I. have an introduction that clearly and briefly explan what you will do in the paper;
II. Explain the main claims and arguments from Plantinga
III. Explain the main claims and arguments from Antony
IV. evaluate at least 4 of Plantinga's and Antony's claims or arguments (at least 2 each) in terms of whether you think they are true or sound or not.
V. write a brief concluion that explains what you did in this paper.

I. Introduction
II. Plantinga's Claims and Arguments
III. Antony's Claims and Arguments
IV. Evaluating Plantinga's and Antony's Claims and Arguments.
V. Conclusion

Harvard writing book, pp. 57-99, detailed outline or summary. Due the Monday after break, March 24, in hardcopy and via Turnitin. NOTE THE CHANGE! :)

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